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We are living in desperate times. The world is crying out for real, human connection.

I’m full of hurt and anger that another soul has been lost to suicide when this could have been prevented.

We’re wired to our wireless phones, we capture memories and never fully experiencing them in the moment. We're constantly connected yet we have never, NEVER, been so disconnected from each other and our actions.

To learn to drive (stay with me), it takes time, you need to apply for a provisional licence, learn from an experienced driver, know the rules of the road inside and out so you can pass the two tests before you’re trusted behind the wheel. Why? Because you’re in control of a powerful vehicle, that if used incorrectly or with wrong intention, could bring harm to yourself and others.

What if I told you that your words are just as powerful? Your words have the power to bring hope, love and kindness to others. They also have the power to destruct, destroy and drag others down if you have the wrong intention.

Social media is not the root of this problem, the intention in which you use it, is.

In a world littered with fake news from the media, destroying the lives of people they truly know nothing about. Filtered images that make you believe that you should go on a fad diet to fit in, quite literally. A world swarmed with sadness, hate and chasing the truly unachievable, use your power with intention.

We’re not going to get rid of social media. It’s here to stay. My intent for writing this post is not to tell you that social media is wrong and we shouldn’t be using it. Social media is an incredible tool - for me, I’ve been able to connect with people I wouldn’t usually meet in every day life, I met my migraine friends that truly understand what it’s like to live with a chronic illness (Hi Amy!),I have a community of content creators that inspire me daily (hey we blog north & northernblogsco gals). My hope, is to show you how truly powerful you are.

You have the power to bring love to your friends, a hopeful hand to a stranger, bring some light to your loved ones, laughter, creativity to your community, true human connection, inspiration to your colleagues and empathy to those around you both on and off screen that can make a huuuuge difference to someone that is struggling to keep their head above water.

We are living in desperate times. The world is crying out for real, human connection. In a world where you can be anything, please, please, please, use your power and be kind.

I hope you now feel at peace Caroline <3

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