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14 ways to show the love this valentine's day

Excluded from the love club on the year’s most romantic day, the temptation is to binge watch Sex and the City in my Disney pj’s and eat an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Instead, I have shared with you14 ideas that I would do, so you can make your SO feel the love. I’m a big believer that thoughtful trumps extravagant and ’showy', so a lot of these ideas are easy on your purse too. You’re welcome (insert kissy emoji).

1. 52 date ideas in a jar

This is pretty self explanatory. Get yourself some coloured card and think of dates and experiences that you would love to do with your babe and jot them down. When you’ve been on a particular date, write which day you did it and at the end of the year you can look back and reminisce on the memories you made together. Awwwwww

2. Reasons I love you

You can buy these now like this one from the likes of ASOS, Etsy and Not on the high street like this one if you’re not blessed with a crafty hand. You can just get yourself a jar from Poundland, some card and some ribbon and make your own. I have done this before, and also did 50 reasons I love you, for my mums 50th (I know, I know, I'm adorable).

3. Candlelit picnic (inside obviously because it is freeeezing in Feb)

Think of his/her favourite foods (and wine), dress the floor with blankets, pillows, display the food in an aesthetic way and cover the room with candles. Stick on a romantic playlist and you’ve got yourself a super romantic evening.

Side note: I did this once, but the night ended with me throwing up red wine as we got LIT, he still stayed with me though so (shrug emoji). Drink responsibly guys ’n’ gals.

4. Book an experience for the two of you

The possibilities are endless here, book a cooking class, wine tour, pottery class  so you can recreate that infamous scene from ghost. Oooooooo a dance class!

5. Jigsaw puzzle

I got this idea from my lovely friend - Hey Steph! Steph and George often enjoy a night in with wine and do a jigsaw puzzle. You can buy personalised ones online, so you could get a photo of the two of you made into a puzzle - how CUTE!

6. Homemade chocolates

I did this before and it was a long process, but the more love you put in the more special it is. I made dark chocolate and raspberry truffles and some salted caramel hearts (with some gold leave because I’m extra) Holla for the recipes!

7. Personalised fondant cookies

These are so popular now, but I made them about 5 years ago for my boyfriend at the time. I wrote out one of our sayings on the heart shaped cookies and.. well he actually teared up when I gave them to him. Maybe he was expecting a fancy watch or something? Or maybe, he loved the idea?

8. Make a scrapbook of your relationship

Gather all of the pictures together from trips you’ve been on, special memories, funny photos etc and make a scrapbook of your relationship in photos

9. Send flowers to her office

I would absolutely L O V E this and most girls would, make her day ❤️

10. Cook dinner together

If you’re not great at cooking, you could opt for the ever popular M&S dine in for two. I love cooking in the kitchen with someone (and wine). Make something like, garlic & chilli king prawn linguine, Goats cheese and caramelised onion tartlets (veggie) or Vegan Mac&Cheese Steak is also a solid favourite, and doesn’t require much time. Try out my steak sauce recipe. Well, it’s not actually mine, a boyfriends mum taught me it years ago and I fell in love (with the sauce) - Thanks Mandy!:

  • Two cloves of garlic (I put a lot more in because garlic is just the best)

  • Two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce

  • Two tablespoons of double cream

  • Dried parsley, I don’t measure this, just add however much you want in

  • Add in the juices from the meat after it’s rested too!

11. Treasure hunt

Think of the final destination that has a special meaning to you and your partner. You can include numerous activities and locations along the way, but make sure to end it in the most magical way! You could choose where you had your first kiss, first date, where you got engaged or in a swanky hotel.

12. Personalised print

Personalised items take a little longer to arrive so you’re going to need to order Pronto if you want it to arrive on time. I got my friends a print of the location they got engaged, there are loads of prints out there on NOTHS, Etsy, Amazon!

The one I got was from Lauren at OrchidPaperBoutique she was super helpful!

13. Games night

Get yourself some wine, some cheese, and play your favourite games. Scrabble, Monopoly or maybe even Twister to show him/her how flexible you are (wink wink).

14. Simply tell them how much they mean to you

Last, but by no means least, don’t forget to truly take the time to tell the people you love, how much they mean to you. Even if you’re not with someone, tell your friends, your family and even yourself how much you love them. The world needs a little more love.

Have a lovely V day y’all! I’ll no doubt be getting a bunch of flowers that my dad brought in the house as they ‘were just left on the doorstep’ with a card written from an 'admirer' in that wiggley writing. Fun fact - Santa has the EXACT same handwriting, how uncanny.

P.s my favourite flowers are peonies and roses, just in case you were wondering.

Han xxx

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